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We provide a platform of connections.


Kyberlife's technology arm holds an easy-to-use open marketplace platform that hosts healthcare vendors, life-science companies and manufacturers globally.

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We aim to provide a solution to both sellers and customers through the Kyberlife marketplace.

While we are retaining the distributor management system, we are also evolving by providing a specialised open marketplace. We are constantly listening to your needs and finding the best solutions to enhance your workflows.

Control your own products & pricing.

Track your sales through live analytics.

Manage your logistics conveniently.

Communicate directly with your customers.

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Compare products across multiple sellers.

Access a range of validated products.

Source products through one platform.

Request for quotes from multiple sellers.

Seller has full control over their own products.
Buyer has access to high transparency across products. 

Every feature we design, we have you in mind. Boost productivity with our carefully curated and meticulously built marketplace.

We understand that as researchers, searching for and buying products can sometimes be a long, arduous and cumbersome journey. From the initial research to project completion, it can be dependant on when products arrive. We'd like to improve this process, even just a little bit.

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Search by product name, CAS number, etc.


Streamlined checkout for both marketplace and bulk orders

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Enable recurring orders on a frequency of your terms

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Get approval from your procurement lead on your purchases immediately

Receive quotations, purchase contracts and invoices in real time.

5 simple steps to placing a marketplace order.

At Kyberlife, we have 2 distinct type of orders - marketplace and bulk orders.

Marketplace orders simply mean all orders that do not require an RFQ and bought in relatively small amounts. Bulk orders are orders in which a customer has requested for a quotation and would like to purchase the products in large quantities.

Here's how you will be able to make a marketplace order on the Kyberlife platform:


How do I place a bulk order?

The main difference from a marketplace order and a bulk order is that placing a bulk order requires the submission of a request for quotation (RFQ) to a seller. With this RFQ, you will be able to choose the best quote for your intended purchase before proceeding with the buy.


At Kyberlife, We only want the best for you.  

Through collaboration with our partners, we bring expert advisory from leaders in their fields straight to you.

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A little something built for you, with you in mind.

Aside from being just a marketplace, we wanted to create something to strengthen bonds within the science industry. Kyberlife's community was designed with the hopes of it being a safe space to exchange thoughts between researchers, examine current issues and discover new possibilities.


Participate in various discussions or start your own discussion on our Kyberlife forum.

You may also find, read or write peer reviewed articles and journals in our Kyberlife library. We’d like for this to be a cohesive space where ideas, information, research can be flow and be shared effectively.

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Thank you, welcome to the Kyberlife family!